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WHERE SHOULD YOU START? This is a very popular question when dealing with your web site. The answer to this question has several parts to it.

FIRST you'll need a domain name. A domain name is the address where you'll be found on the Internet (i.e."www.yourcompany.com") When choosing your domain name try to send us at least three choices so if one is taken we can go on to the next one.

NEXT is the design of your site. The best way to find out what your looking for is to surf other sites. Feel free to check out our "samples" or surf the internet and send us the addresses to some of the sites you find interesting. We recommend surfing at least 10 to 15 sites to find what you like and what you dislike.

AFTER the design of your new site, will come the hosting. This is where all the materials of your site will be kept (graphics,text,information,etc..) Once we know what kind of design your looking for we can provide you with the appropriate hosting plan.

This is in a nutshell where you'll need to start and some of the info we'll need to start creating your Internet presence. To receive more details or to submit your information to us please go to our "contact us".